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Today we are announcing the general availability of CloudMunch Insights, industry’s first DevOps Intelligence platform. Much of the focus and effort in enterprise modernization is spent on automation  but organizations are getting sub optimal ROI in their DevOps adoption because silo-ed data across various tools create leading to lack of visibility, metrics and performance , drastically impacting the ROI value. DevOps Intelligence is the key DevOps Intelligence is the critical factor that reshapes the software delivery pathway, breaking down the silos in data and associated processes, thereby, delivering the key advantage in modern enterprise transformation.

CloudMunch Insights – DevOps Intelligence for the Cloud era

Today, at DevOps Enterprise Summit at San Francisco, CloudMunch is announcing the general availability of CloudMunch Insights, the enterprise DevOps Intelligence platform that offers the key competitive asset for organizations in their modern enterprise journey. The platform is built on three tenets designed to help organizations gain actionable insights that helps streamline the software delivery pathway:

• Single pane of glass for metrics from all stages of application lifecycle

• Actionable insights based on outcomes

• Team & enterprise  wide visibility and governance

CloudMunch Insights goes beyond the monitoring tools available in the market in bringing together insights across the entire application lifecycle, putting in the context of an outcome and extending it to the entire organization across various teams/divisions. The platform brings outcomes driven context and goals of teams together to help deliver measurable business value. CloudMunch Insights helps organizations gain the critical DevOps Intelligence, removing the complexity associated with contextual insights.

Key Features

CloudMunch Insights provides actionable intelligence that enables large organizations gain business advantage through friction free software delivery pathway. Key features are:

• Unified management panel for metrics from various tools, stages and roles

• DevOps  dashboard  with actionable intelligence based on outcomes like sprint, roles, release/deployment, builds, etc.

• Actions that that drive automation tasks based on triggers/alerts

• Global Dashboard for managers to keep complete track of the entire lifecycle of the software delivered by various teams. Executive Dashboards to enable leadership to get the big picture insights

• DevOps Advisor for decision makers to get just in time advisory/guidance based on correlated insights

• Support for DevOps tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, Github, Subversion, Jira, Sonarqube, NewRelic, cAdvisor, Artifactory, VersionOne, Cruise Control, Heapster, Perforce, AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, OpenShift, etc.

How to get access?

CloudMunch Insights is available as a free cloud service or download to on-premise  for trial or evaluation at www.

Krish Subramanian is Head of Products and Strategy at CloudMunch. Prior to joining CloudMunch, he was at Red Hat and founded Rishidot Research, next gen analyst firm focussed on cloud services. He is a big advocate of Modern Enterprise Model which serves as a blueprint for organizations wanting to modernize their IT