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What if software teams could get insights from their tools to help them to release software faster than they ever imagined? What if software development becomes BI and analytics-driven so businesses can innovate rapidly in our software-driven world?

CloudMunch Mission

We founded CloudMunch with a mission to make it easier for teams to deliver better software faster. A key challenge faced by enterprises is the lack of visibility, metrics, and insights across the delivery pipeline. This challenge is compounded with automation silos and a fragmented DevOps landscape offering an abundance of tools for different stages of the pipeline from code repo to issue tracking to cloud deployment.

We built CloudMunch Insights to give software teams a single pane of glass for all metrics across the entire software release pipeline, from which they could get insights to continuously optimize software releases, a “Universal DevOps Dashboard” for “Actionable DevOps Intelligence”.

CloudMunch Future

Today, I am excited to announce that have been acquired by JFrog, the market leader in DevOps and continuous software updates. With more than 4,000 customers using JFrog Artifactory, and over 2 billion downloads per month on its binaries hub, JFrog Bintray,  JFrog offers the leading universal solution for the management and distribution of software binaries. Customers include some of the world’s top brands such as Amazon, Google, Uber, Netflix, Twitter, Oracle, Adobe, SalesForce and Bank of America.

Why JFrog and Why Now?

Visionaries + Innovators

JFrog started pioneering artifact management and distribution in 2008, before “DevOps” was even a term! Pioneers always have their eyes on the next frontier and they are investing now for the data-driven DevOps future that will truly be a game changer. Continuous updates need liquid software and our common vision is for this to be data-driven.

Commitment + Scale

Joining forces with JFrog means we have aligned with a DevOps market leader who has resources, a very large install base, and leading enterprises as customers. This union will enable us to deliver on our mission of data-driven DevOps to a broad range of customers very quickly while investing rapidly in new technology like machine learning, and innovating for the future.

Culture + Values

This is by far the most important aspect of doing great work. JFrog culture and values are inspirational, and we realized we had a lot in common. Like us, they focus on customer happiness, quality and being like a family (albeit a much bigger one), and their “community first” approach was icing on the cake!

The Future is what you do today!

We are excited to leap forward with JFrog to make data-driven DevOps a reality, and we are proud to work with the market leader to define and deliver the future!

This day would not be possible without our amazing team. They have worked relentlessly and persisted, staying true to our goals, day after day, without ever wavering; not even once!Prasanna and I are very grateful and honored to have worked together with you. You are the heroes of this milestone!

And on behalf of everyone at CloudMunch, I want to thank our customers, investors, industry colleagues and friends who have helped us on our journey! We are committed and dedicated to you and our mission of enabling software teams to deliver better software faster! The future is looking even more exciting! Thank you!

Pradeep Prabhu
Co-Founder & CEO
CloudMunch Inc

PS: The press release with more information is here…