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On behalf of CloudMunch team, I am happy to welcome Gene Kim, a DevOps leader and author of various books on the topic, as an advisor to the company. In 2016, we shifted gears and built a DevOps Intelligence Platform, we realized that what we are trying to achieve aligns very well with Gene Kim’s second way of doing DevOps. When we launched the platform in DevOps Enterprise Summit at San Francisco in November, we decided that we need his guidance to fine-tune the platform. Fast forward few months, we are glad Gene agreed to join our company as Advisor.

Gene Kim is a researcher, author and a thought-leader in the DevOps space. His widely acclaimed books on DevOps are widely acclaimed by DevOps practitioners around the world. Some of the books written by Gene Kim includes “The DevOps Handbook,” “The Phoenix Project” and “The Visible Ops Handbook.” Gene was the founder & CTO of Tripwire, the open source security leader and he speaks at various conferences around the world.

With Gene as our advisor, we are looking forward to enhancing our DevOps Intelligence Platform to maximize the DevOps benefits for our customers. Our customers like Adobe, Honeywell, and others will find further value in our platform, helping them push ahead in the modern enterprise world.

As a part of this evolution, we are also announcing a new feature called Recommendations in our platform. Gene’s recommendations in his DevOps Handbook will be featured under the Recommendations feature in CloudMunch DevOps Intelligence Platform. This will help users of our platform get best advise on the actions to take based on the insights from their application pipeline and Gene’s recommendations.

Gene is also pretty excited about joining CloudMunch as an Advisor.

“In our research of high performing technology organizations, the need for continual flow of feedback is decisive — in our book, The Phoenix Project, we framed it in The Three Ways, showing the importance of flow, feedback and a culture of continual experimentation and learning,” said Gene Kim. “Feedback enables all members of the technology value stream to see what is working and what isn’t working to enable everyone to better achieve organizational goals. I’m pleased that CloudMunch helping their customers achieve this through their offerings,”

This marks another step in our evolution as a leader in the DevOps space. CloudMunch DevOps Platform is emerging as the critical layer for innovation in the modern enterprise. Gene joining CloudMunch as Advisor will help us accelerate further and help us emerge as a leading DevOps startup in the coming months. We are just getting started and watch out for more goodies from us in the coming weeks and months.

If you are as excited as I am today and want to check out our platform, click here.

Krish Subramanian is Head of Products and Strategy at CloudMunch. Prior to joining CloudMunch, he was at Red Hat and founded Rishidot Research, next gen analyst firm focussed on cloud services. He is a big advocate of Modern Enterprise Model which serves as a blueprint for organizations wanting to modernize their IT