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Innovation Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.Last week IDC, the market research and analyst firm, published its 2016 IDC innovators report (available for IDC customers) naming CloudMunch as one of the innovating startups in the worldwide Platform as a Service Market. CloudMunch is listed along with other startups like Algorithmia,, etc.. IDC Innovators are companies with under $50 million in revenue that offer an inventive technology and/or groundbreaking new business model.

According to IDC,

CloudMunch provides a platform for development operations (DevOps), bringing together the breadth of tools and integrating them to create business value in a cloud environment

At CloudMunch, we are excited to be named as one of the startups in the IDC Innovators report. We always believed in rapid innovation and, from the beginning, we were focussed on helping our customers innovate rapidly by offering a Continuous Delivery platform that can work across any dev and ops tools or deployment platforms. We always believed that the key to DevOps lies in reducing the friction between various stakeholders. As organizations work towards enabling closer collaboration between their developers and operations, tools cannot become the source of friction. Unlike some of the CD platforms in the market that forces various IT stakeholders to embrace newer tools specific to their DevOps platform, CloudMunch takes a more flexible approach aimed towards reducing the friction. CloudMunch Platform is focussed on abstracting away the processes on top of the tools developers, QA and operations people are comfortable with in their daily work. This helped CloudMunch Platform stand out in the market and is validated by our customers like Adobe, Honeywell, Panasonic and others.

When we decided to evolve our platform to the next generation targeted to meet the needs of modern enterprise, we tackled the next important source of friction between the IT stakeholders. The key to successful DevOps lies in closer collaboration between developers, testing team and operations. In order to ensure closer collaboration, it is important to enable a feedback loop across the entire pipeline. Based on our discussions with our customers, we realized that most of the DevOps efforts are focussed on Continuous Delivery but without enabling the critical feedback loop required for successful software delivery. As a part of our next-gen platform, we are enabling Continuous Insights on top of the delivery pipeline, helping our customers deliver better software faster. This is a key innovation, in our opinion, and it uniquely differentiates CloudMunch from other DevOps platforms in the market.

We are pretty proud of what we have done with our next-gen platform and it is even more satisfying when one of the top analyst firms calls us out as one of the innovators in 2016. IDC naming CloudMunch as IDC Innovators 2016 in Worldwide Platform as a Service Market will motivate us to continue with our innovation, helping our customers stay one step ahead of their competitors through Continuous Innovation.

Continuous Delivery + Continuous Insights = Continuous Innovation

If you are ready to out-innovate your competitor in your market segment, we encourage you to try our beta and we will be going GA pretty in the next few weeks.

Krish Subramanian is Head of Products and Strategy at CloudMunch. Prior to joining CloudMunch, he was at Red Hat and founded Rishidot Research, next gen analyst firm focussed on cloud services. He is a big advocate of Modern Enterprise Model which serves as a blueprint for organizations wanting to modernize their IT