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Analytics and Reporting | CloudMunch
Analytics and Reporting | CloudMunch


CloudMunch Integrates with many industry leading DevOps Tools & Cloud Providers
– To collect metrics from these tools
– To setup automated actions based on thresholds in the context of DevOps
The integrations spans across the entire delivery pipeline from code repositories to production environments

Integrations | CloudMunch
Dashboard | CloudMunch


Dashboards offers insights, end to end visibility and correlation to empower teams focussed on application delivery
– Time correlated insights for tools in the delivery pipeline
– Correlated insights in the context of DevOps like Sprints, Release, Deployment, etc. to help stakeholders take appropriate actions
– Global Dashboards giving managers end to end visibility and control over projects/products/teams!


CloudMunch goes beyond Insights, to provide Recommendations for further actions
– Encapsulates industry best practices
– Meets the needs of the organization by leveraging the insights
– Role based call to actions
Recommendations takes the guesswork out of DevOps


Actions are automated tasks, based on thresholds set based on organizational needs, helping accelerate application delivery
– Based on thresholds set by the users
– Actions can range from alerts / notifications to opening a helpdesk ticket to run a puppet/chef/ansible script to bringing up resources based on application delivery needs
– Can be customized to meet the needs of any organization
Actions, when taken in the context of Insights, provides the necessary DevOps Intelligence needed for any modern IT


Developer API provides a programmatic access to extend CloudMunch Platform to meet the specific needs of any modern IT
– Get metrics on any stack / management plane
– Help extend the platform to support newer integrations
– Enables a hybrid environments to meet the needs of large enterprises
– Available in various languages

API | CloudMunch

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